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Introduction of NGOs:-

Particularly, non legal combinations (NGOs) are dynamic and varying aggregations of collections working at community, nationwide and around the world levels. NGOs can prepare ngo project and file in government ministries, business or link with foreign donor for grant.

Meaning of Ngo:-

Non Government Organizations are challenging to arrange and outline, and the expression “NGO” is not used dependably. Subsequently, there are numerous unique orders being utilized. The most widely recognized Non revenue conglomerations utilize a skeletal system that incorporates introduction and level of operation. A NGO’s intro mentions the sort of workouts it tackles. These workouts might include human rights, natural, or development work. A Non revenue collection’s level of operation shows the scale at which an assortment meets expectations, for instance close by, local, national or universal, among the soonest specifies of the expression “NGO” was in 1945, when the United Nations (UN) was made. The UN, which is a between administrative combination, made it possible for certain sanction certain international non-state companies or non-legislative assortments to be provided viewer condition at its get-togethers and some of its events. Later the term got made use of all the more generally. Today, as per the UN, any sort of private collection that is autonomous from government control might be called a “NGO”, furnished it is not-benefit, non-criminal and not generally a resistance political event.

Ngo consultancy provides management services to non revenue organizations located in different parts of India. Our objective is to allow Indian Non Government Organizations by structuring and documenting their ngo project in achieving their objectives of producing a sustainable voluntary sector. An enhancing quantity of resources could be raised on the strength of relationship and trust between Non revenue companies, government agencies and the civil society.

All Non Governmental Organizations enlistment requires sufficient financial properties for appropriately finishing their exercises. Then once again, the huge bulk of them impart a routine concern and, that is, lack of undertaking subsidizes. As the NGOs are consistently broadening, there is a rivalry for securing supports. Our team of specialists can get ready persuading and innovative undertaking ideas and arrange relevant supporting archives.

We confine, for your details, an interesting leaflet about our organization. In case you are interested please send out the following papers for preparation of cutting-edge ngo project proposals for grant-in-aid.

Registration Certificate and memorandum of Association and Rules and Regulation of Society/Trust Deed.

Accounts of last three Years.

Annual Report of last 3 Years.

Pan Card of the Ngo.

Bank account Particulars.

12a and 80g Registration Certificate under Income Tax Act 1961.


Funding for NGOs:-

Non Government Organizations might be interested in the Bilateral Development and awareness tasks. These initiatives provide moneying possibilities for Slovak NGOs, company enterprises and state organizations that are looking for to carry out Slovakia’s development tasks. Proposed law on the National Fund to support these social welfare companies in Development Projects:

Financing firms provide support and funding to non-profits, grass-root level NGOs, companies; but the companies provide funds and support according to their own standards, criteria and terms. We are not associated with any company, we do not recommend or suggest any company or organization for any function.


Project Proposal Composing: -.

We decorate fantastic consultancy in ngo projects proposition writing. A task proposition portrays a plan for a required movement. An undertaking proposition might be made use of to obtain an elected enable or to convince a directorate to store an additional activity. Job proposals include a number of sections, perhaps consisting of an executive summary, a description of the problem or goal, a history or background of existing conditions, a research evaluation, and so on.

We prepare project reports in the following sectors:-.

35ac, 35 1(ii), 35 1(iii).

Dental University.

Medical university.

Research center.

Ayurvedic College.

Homeopathic and Biochemistry and biology college.

Polytechnic Colleges.

Engineering Colleges.

Athletics Colleges.

Law University.

Unique plans of Indian and state government like SWADHAR, GRAMEEN ROJGAR YOJNA and so on

Kinds of NGO PROJECT:-.

A Non Government Organization can approach the following divisions for ngo funding:-.

Government Firm– If the NGO completes 3 years, then it ends up being qualified for bigger quantity of funding and can approach the government ministries for grants. There is a different ministry for Non government organization grant focused on a certain objective and plan. Even if the NGO is not 3 years of ages, it can obtain little monetary grant for short term tasks like environmental awareness, camps arranging for health improvement in rural areas.


Foreign Funding Agency– Foreign Financing applies when the NGO gets signed up under FCRA. The social welfare organization has to be 3 years of ages for long-term registration under FCRA. In case if the Non Government Organization is one year of age and any foreign donor wants to contribute any total up to that Foundation, then that NGO can apply for FCRA prior permission. The foreign contribution is normally for those donations who are especially working for a certain source like women empowerment, eradication of kid illiteracy, HIV/AIDS awareness in towns and under established areas.


All business organizations who are having a yearly turnover in Crores, they are expected to donate 2 % of their revenues to social well-being organizations i.e. NGOs. The CSR choose those NGOs who are signed up under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

Our firm provides a broad array of services in the sectors of project report preparation for NGOS after thorough and deep understanding of the objective of non government companies. NGO CONSULTANCY was formed to help collections in administration limit building and in enhancing efficiency.

Contact Address : Ngo Consultancy, Office number – 204, 1st Floor, 45B, Hasanpur Main Road, Patparganj, I.P. Extension, Delhi – 110092
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